After psychiatry residency at LSU, Dr. Podesta attended a subspecialty fellowship in Forensic Psychiatry at Tulane University. During her fellowship she saw patients at East Louisiana Mental Health System and at the Forensic aftercare clinic. She participated in many civil and criminal cases as an expert, performed sanity and competency evaluations weekly in Orleans Criminal Court, and testified as an expert many times.
She became board certified in Forensic Psychiatry in 2013, and has been practicing in the field ever since. She was on the Sanity Commission with Orleans Criminal Court, and she worked for the Orleans Coroner’s office.

As an expert in addiction medicine and in forensic psychiatry, she often is asked to consult for addiction programs to speak to best practices and risk mitigation. When including her knowledge and expertise in psychiatry and integrative medicine, she has a breadth of consulting and case types she works with as an expert.

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