Residential and Intensive Outpatient Treatment center for substance use disorders, on the West Bank, in New Orleans

Multiple locations in Louisiana, Intensive Outpatient Treatment center for substance use disorder

Multiple locations in Louisiana, Intensive Outpatient Treatment center for substance use disorder

Outpatient medical clinic with primary care, mental health, substance treatment and more. Multiple locations in Louisiana

Premier resource for practical psychopharmacology education

A genomics intelligence services company, created to individualize the practice of medicine by empowering functional and integrative clinicians with molecular-level insight into each patient, realizing evidence-based, precision treatment — and nurturing a new level of healing and care for the patient, for society and for our planet.

An educational platform for practitioners who seek to move beyond symptom management or suppression and instead offer patients real recovery. A beacon of hope for individuals struggling with mental illness who are tired of ineffective treatments and ‘one size fits all’ interventions who seek personalized care.A bridge between discovery and application that infuses integrated therapeutic models with the very latest in scientific research.

We believe that all human beings can achieve wellness, and that practitioners also deserve fulfillment in all areas of their lives. For Psychiatrists, Physicians, NP’s, PA’s, Naturopaths & Psychotherapists. We Revolutionizing Mental Health Care. We train mental health providers to resolve underlying causes of mental illness, so your clients/patients can go beyond symptom reduction and attain a state of wellness.

Elev8 is a Baton Rouge Rehab Center dedicated to treating patients who are battling drug and alcohol addiction. Our goal is to guide you in your steps towards recovery and help you achieve and maintain sobriety.

A Residential Treatment Facility for Addiction Services in Pineville, Louisiana and Lafayette, Louisiana.

Mental Health clinic providing traditional psychotherapy and nutritional intravenous BR+NAD detox treatment in a safe and caring environment

Liz Gage-Psychiatric – Nurse Practitioner, PMHNP