Victor Sherrel

Victor Sherrel, MD, MPH

Victor Sherrel attended undergraduate at Tulane in molecular and cell biology. He went on to get a Masters of Public Health (MPH) at University of South Florida, after which he attended medical school and then Psychiatry Residency at Tulane. Dr. Podesta worked with Dr. Sherrel for several years while he was a resident at Tulane Psychiatry. To continue his knowledge and expertise, he is going on to a fellowship in Forensic Psychiatry at Tulane during this coming academic year.

Dr. Sherrel is an expert in psychopharmacology and is very well versed in addiction treatment, including ambulatory detox. Dr. Sherrel is interested in whole health, treating symptoms, and using the least medication as is possible. He is medically and scientifically minded, and considers that sometimes there may be medical roots of psychiatric symptoms, so he will investigate and evaluate.

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